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SuePH Reno NEvadaSueAnn has been photographing architecture, landscapes and street photography for over 20 years. She attended Montana State University for Film and Television, studied Graphic Design at Columbia College in Chicago and received her degree in Commercial Photography from the Art Institute of Seattle.

Over the years ST Photography has involved from full time large format commercial architecture work to fine art Landscape to commercial business identity and street photography.  Sue Ann has traveled the country capturing the Smokey Mountains of NC, the Blue Ridge of West Virginia, NYC, Chicago, the Rockies of Montana and Alberta, the Pacific NW all the way to Southern Cal.  Since 2006 she has been exploring beautiful Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Range.  She is continually promoting her work through social media when not out doing what she loves most…photographing.

Growing up in Montana and discovering photography at an early age planted a deep seed for beautiful rugged landscapes that turned to skyscrapers in my educational choices and professional career yet I always have traveled back to my roots.

Red Door - Reno | Nevada

ST Photography established in 1989 is based in Reno Nevada specializing in Commercial Architecture, Google Business Photos, Landscape/Urban Photography.

As your Google Certified Company, ST Photography strives to provide businesses with a 360-degree Virtual Tour of their interior using Google Street-view technology. Our competitive tool will showcase the unique qualities of your business making it easy for online customers to experience your store before visiting.

What is a Google Trusted Photographer? Trained and certified by Google, only a Google Trusted Photographer can bring your customers inside your business with interior “Street View” imagery via your Google + Local page.  Along with the Virtual Tour, I will take a series of still or “Feature” shots that will highlight your merchandise or menu, hours of business, forms of payment, a store front image, as well as selected interior decor images. All professionally photographed to bring out the best of your business, and let potential customers  discover what you are all about.

I was chosen to be a Google Trusted Photographer but I accepted this opportunity to help the small business owners of  Northern Nevada build their businesses, attract new customer and to promote job growth locally.

Services include: Commercial Architecture, Google Business Photos, Fine Art,  Street Photography, Lifestyle, Event and Wedding Photography.

Capturing Light is my Fun blog and is a forum for ideas, photography, art and inspiration in aspiration of always surrounding myself with great minds.  I will be showcasing my projects from archived negatives I promised & will will give up my right pinky toe to get scanned this year. [Apparently there is a demand for my old black and white projects from the 90's.]…to my most recent project 365: A Study. One year of images taken only with a Smart Phone.

All images are available for sale at http://stps.exposuremanager.com If you are interested in buying any of my photographs and have questions, please reach me at renotrustedphoto360@gmail.com or via the Contact page. 

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